Al-Brett International Limited was established 20 years ago as a wholly International Company engaged in the business of Manufacturing, Collection, stocking, Marketing and Branding of Corporate (Premium) and Promotional gift items in Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the World.

Chairman’s Message: Chief Albert King Iyorah who holds a Master’s degree in Urban Engineering from the University of Paris, France, a Chartered Arbitrator, Mediator and Negotiator is the brain behind this organization and has this to say:

“Corporate gifts are catalyst to business development, it is the most effective way to promote sales, opening doors to business growth, enhancing corporate image, showing appreciation to customers, reviving ailing businesses and stimulating business development”.

In the light of these, the company conducts annual research and attends International Trade Fairs  so as to update its wide array of clientele with the latest innovations in the world of corporate gifts. Al-Brett has thus obtained the Franchise to produce and market “AB products” which is an icon of quality and style in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

In Al-Brett, Large stocks of gift items are kept in various categories to meet the ever increasing demands of our clientele worldwide at a very competitive price. Excellent service delivery is paramount in Al-Brett.

Finally, all corporate organizations worldwide with the motive to grow, are obliged to embrace the concept of corporate gift items as an image and trade booster. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF AL-BRETT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED !